Acme Stamping Co.

A Tiny Toon Adventures Stamping Community

A Tiny Toon Adventures Stamping Community
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The Laws of Acme Acres

1. YOU MUST HAVE FUN HERE! But learning is optional and certainly not recommended.
2. Play nicely! Acme Acres is a happy place despite our endless supply of anvils, weapons and explosives.
3. No members under the age of 13. Sorry, we're not a Bunny-Sitting sevice.
4. No off-topic posts! Anything goes here from icons to random thoughts, but only if it's somehow related to Tiny Toon Adventures.
5. No smoking or flaming! This goes double for you, Babs!
6. Please put all long posts under lj cut.
7. If you are uncertain of the appropriateness of a post, contact the mod.
8. Feel free to ask for anything from our Board of Directors 'cause if you want something and don't ask for it, you won't get it and then you'll have no one to blame but yourself.


Please Promote Us!

Voting Guildlines:

1. To prove you have read the rules, please write "We're All The Little Loonies" somewhere in your application. It doesn't have to be part of the title or the lj-cut title, but if it appears anywhere else, please bold it because your mod can be a little short-sighted sometimes.
2. Please vote for all of the members who haven't been stamped yet before posting your own application. You can find them all HERE.
3. You may post ony one photo of yourself on your application, but this is optional.
4. Even if you aren't stamped you may still participate in our outragous antics here.
5. You cannot be stamped as any of the Teacher Staff(ie Bugs, Daffy, Marvin, etc). They have their own community...I think.
6. Please bold all of your votes.
7. If you see two different characters in one person than you may vote for both of them, but no more than 2.
8. You don't need to be stamped to vote.
9. No one shall EVER accuse anyone else of character pushing! (Sorry, mod's pet peeve and it promotes dis-trust!) You must accept that there are people out there who, ironically, are very much like a particular character. Let's stick to our honor/respect system! Accusing a total stranger of lying is NOT COOL!!!
10. After you have recieved five votes (or when your lazy mod gets around to it) you will be stamped.
11. If you are unsatisfied with your stamp, you may reapply if you wish, but please wait 3 weeks before doing so.
12. Check out our Stamped Members List!

Possible characters to be stamped as:
Buster Bunny, Babs Bunny, Plucky Duck, Shirley McLoon, Hamton J. Pig, Fifi LaFume, Montana Max, Elmyra Duff, Furball Cat, Sweetie Pie, Dizzy Devil, Calamity Coyote, Little Beeper, Gogo Dodo, Li'l Sneezer, Concord Condor, Fowlmouth, or Mary Melody.

Check out the stamps for these characters HERE!


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If you would like to become part of the family, just leave a request with The Board of Directors. Requests are rarely rejected.